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About Us is an interactive educational website with focus on consumer topics and health.

We provide consumers with personalized information and resources. In a!

We won’t leave you out in the rain with just results though, we provide in-depth information and pragmatic advice from experts so that you can make informed decisions.

This is how we do it

Since we generally focus on math-based problems, we begin by building small, interactive tools, such as online calculators or widgets. The advantage is that instead of getting a general and inconclusive answer, you get personalized results that are tailored to your needs.

But, that isn’t all; we go much further. Remember that teacher back in school who could really get your attention, how they passed on knowledge so easily? We want to measure up to that.

We present results and information in an easy to understand way and want our site to be fun. We don’t bury information in academic mumbo-jumbo (if only those Wikipedia articles weren’t a mile long!).

You don’t like deserts of text? Neither do we, a feast for the eye is what we prefer, this is why we put so much loving effort in the design of our info graphics.

Statements from experts and pro tips round out every topic.

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