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Best Gopro Update
Considering the amount of options on the current market, choosing the right gopro update is very hard. Many companies offer all kinds of gopro update nowadays, and it might take you weeks to explore all the options. Our team made this buying guide for those who would like to get the best gopro update in the shortest period.

This list of the best gopro update is based on real tests. We took into consideration the most important factors of gopro update in order to find models with the best price/quality ratio. We also suggest you to make additional research juts to be sure that you are buying the most suitable gopro update for you.

Our Pick: Top 3 Gopro Update of 2018

Rating Image Name and Features Details
Style 5/5
Versatility 5/5
Performance 5/5
Price 4/5
Powerextra Upgraded 2 Pack Battery 1. Powerextra Upgraded 2 Pack Battery (Editor’s Choice)
Each battery features 3.85v, 1500mah high capacity, making your gopro hero6 or gopro hero 5 black last longer.
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Style 4/5
Versatility 4/5
Performance 5/5
Price 5/5
Wasabi Power Extended Battery 2. Wasabi Power Extended Battery
Get 4+ hours of recording time.
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Style 4/5
Versatility 3/5
Performance 5/5
Price 5/5
MFW Rechargeable Battery 2 Pack 3. MFW Rechargeable Battery 2 Pack
Chargering fast.
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№ 1. Powerextra Upgraded 2 Pack Battery with Dual Charger for Gopro Hero (2018) Gopro Hero 6 Gopro Hero 5 Black (compatible with Firmware V02.60, V02.51, V02.00, V01.57, V01.55, 1.60 and Future Updates)

Dual battery charger makes it convenient to charge two hero6 or hero5 black batteries simultaneously. Package includes 2 x battery; 1 x dual battery charger; 1 x usb cord.1 x microfiber cleaning cloth. Each battery features 3.85v.1500mah high capacity, making your gopro hero6 or gopro hero 5 black last longer. Battery and charger are fully compatible with gopro hero6 and gopro hero5 black. Compatible with firmware v02.51, v02.00, v01.57, v01.55 and future firmware update, not compatible with the gopro hero5 session, hero4, or hero3.


The good
Dual battery charger makes it convenient
Each battery features 3.85v.1500mah high capacity
Package includes 2 x battery
The bad
My whole family could not find any defects.


№ 2. Wasabi Power Extended Battery for Gopro Hero5, Hero6 Black (2500mah)

Includes hero5 extended battery, charging cable, extension arm, and frame mount; all items include 3-year wasabi power warranty. Boost your hero6 or hero5 runtime with 2500mah of extra power. Not affected by firmware updates. Not compatible with the gopro hero5 session, hero4, or hero3. Includes frame mount and extension arm for universal placement; charges with micro-usb cable.


The good
Includes hero5 extended battery
Not compatible
Includes frame mount
Boost your hero6 or hero5 runtime
Get 4+ hours
The bad
Not designed for regular use.


№ 3. MFW Rechargeable Battery 2 Pack and 3-channel Charger for Gopro Hero 5, Hero 5 Hero 6 Black (compatible with Firmware V02.51, V02.00, V01.57 and All Future Firmware Update)

Each battery rated at 3.85v.1260mah high capacity, making your gopro hero5 black last longer. Rechargeable li-ion battery has no memory effect. Triple battery charger makes it is convenient to charge three hero 5 / 6 black batteries simultaneously. Mfw batteries and charger are perfectly compatible with hero 5/hero 6 black the newest firmware v01.50, v01.55 and v01.57, v02.51, v02.00. The professional fail-safe system ensures battery are safe from over-heating, over-current and over-charging. With built-in plate spring design, the batteries would be locked while charging, what’s more, this charger can be used as a battery storage on-the-go.


The good
Longer lasting batteries
Fully compatible
Chargering fast
The bad
The product will not survive a fall.
Offers too many unnecessary features.

What factors did you consider while making the TOP list of the best gopro update?

We compared over a hundred of gopro updatefrom various manufacturers. To make our buying guide as honest as it is possible, we took into consideration all the important characteristics, such as price, weight, material, assembly quality, and many more. If you want to find the best gopro update for the least amount of money, our TOP list will be very useful for you.

What do I have to do in order to get a refund for a gopro update?

Most of the time seller will return your money without any trouble. If you received a malfunctioning gopro update, you will easily get a refund or a replacement. Nonetheless, if you value your time, we highly recommend you to thoroughly check the item’s description before making a purchase.

Do good gopro updaterequire a lifetime warranty?

The recommended warranty period depends on how often you use your gopro update, how expensive is it, what company made it, and many other factors. Manufacturers sell their most expensive products with a lifetime warranty, while the least expensive gopro updatemight be not guaranteed at all. We think that the best warranty period for a good gopro update is five years.

What is the defining factor when choosing a gopro update?

As you might have guessed, the weight of a gopro update is one of the main factor to consider. Another important aspects is its material. If the gopro update is assembled well, it will serve you for many years.

What are the risks of buying a gopro update online?

Many people use online shopping every day. It is absolutely safe because you are secured by layers of customer protection programs. You are not risking anything by ordering a gopro update since you can easily return it and receive your money back. We see no reason to worry while ordering goods online — it is a convenient, cheap, quick, and, of course, safe method of shopping.

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